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Why Buy an iPhone Case?

These days, iPhone cases are as popular as iPhone apps, and there seem to be just as many of them. Well, not quite, but you get the idea. Too many of us can relate to that feeling when you drop your phone and can't stop it from hitting the ground – your iPhone's life flashes before your eyes! Or even that feeling when your iPhone decided to take a swim. But with an iPhone case that's designed to protect your phone in these kinds of events, those feelings can be greatly lessened and even diminished.

Just as technology evolves, iPhone cases also evolve and have become much more than a simple sleeve of protection for your valuable device. Some iPhone cases can even be used to mount your smartphone in your car for navigation, and some even prop your phone up with a small kickstand for easy movie viewing and FaceTime chats. There are endless possibilities.

An iPhone case can be minimal and functional, simply protecting your device, or it can show off your personality. We've gathered information of a plethora of cases that do both.


iPhone Cases: What to Look For

iPhone cases have become all the rage in the last few years, but with so many to choose from, it can become difficult to decide which case will be the most functional and provide your top-of-the-line smartphone with some additional style. When you're looking for a case, keep in mind the following elements.

Every iPhone case has a job. It's a pretty simple one, but a job nonetheless. To protect. A quality iPhone case will protect your phone from scratches, dings, cracks and other terrifying traumas. But not all iPhone cases protect the same – some provide extreme protection while others provide just sufficient protection.

Design is important in an iPhone case, not only for the overall look, but also for durability, functionality and variety. An iPhone case that keeps your device functional, while also being made of durable material to do its job in protecting your device, is golden.

With as much as we use our iPhones every day, a good, lengthy warranty on the case that protects that iPhone is important. A one-year limited warranty is pretty standard for an iPhone case. Most warranties guarantee against manufacturer and factory defects.

iPhone cases can express your personality and style, but protection is still key in a good case. An iPhone case should provide you with peace of mind that your treasured device is safe, even if it does take a tumble.

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Icon Title Score Read Review View Category Release Date Price Size Description
1 DreSuit Luxury Hard Case DreSuit Luxury Hard Case
by DreSuit
read review screen shots Unique iPhone Skins Review 10-08-13 $19.99
iPhone 5 DreSuit’s Luxury Hard Case will fit smoothly over your iPhone’s delicate edges. Read more in our review of the best iPhone cases. read our full review
2 Body Glove ShockSuit Body Glove ShockSuit
by BodyGlove
read review screen shots Rugged iPhone Cases Review 07-25-13 $39.99
iPhone 5 Give your iPhone 5 great protection from dirt, rain and scratches with the Shocksuit by BodyGlove. This rugged case protects your iPhone from shocks and dr... read our full review
3 Stanley Dozer Stanley Dozer
by Incipio Technologies
read review screen shots Rugged iPhone Cases Review 07-24-13 $21.99
iPhone 5 Give your iPhone a fighting chance with the super tough Stanley Dozer rugged iPhone case. This case effectively protects your iPhone from dirt, shocks and... read our full review
4 Otterbox Defender Otterbox Defender
by OtterBox
read review screen shots Rugged iPhone Cases Review 07-24-13 $59.90
iPhone 5 The Otterbox Defender protects your iPhone from drops, dirt and scratches. Give your phone the strong defense it needs by pairing it with this rugged iPhon... read our full review
5 Lifeproof Fre Lifeproof Fre
by Lifeproof
read review screen shots Rugged iPhone Cases Review 07-24-13 $79.99
iPhone 5 Take your iPhone 5 anywhere with the Lifeproof Fre rugged iPhone case. This waterproof case protects your iPhone from dirt, shocks, ice and snow. read our full review
6 Griffin Survivor Griffin Survivor
by Griffin
read review screen shots Rugged iPhone Cases Review 07-24-13 $49.99
iPhone 5/4S Protect your iPhone from harsh conditions with the Griffin Survivor Rugged iPhone case. This case wraps your iPhone in multiple layers of protection to kee... read our full review
7 Rokform Rokshield v3 Rokform Rokshield v3
by Rokform LLC
read review screen shots Mountable iPhone Cases Review 11-29-12 $49.00
iPhone 5 Put the Rokform Rokshield v3 case onto your iPhone 5, and you'll be ready to mount it just about anywhere. read our full review
8 Slickwraps Glow Wrap Slickwraps Glow Wrap
by www.slickwraps.com
read review screen shots Unique iPhone Skins Review 11-15-12 $24.95
iPhone 5/4S/4 You won't worry about losing your iPhone at night. Install your Slickwraps Glow Wrap, let it charge, and then watch your iPhone glow. read our full review
9 Slickwraps Carbon Fiber Wrap Slickwraps Carbon Fiber Wrap
by www.slickwraps.com
read review screen shots Unique iPhone Skins Review 11-14-12 $19.95
iPhone 5/4S/4 Easily apply this wrap on your iPhone, and within minutes your smartphone will have a unique look and protection against scratches. read our full review
10 Trunket Rosewood Skin Trunket Rosewood Skin
by Trunket LLC
read review screen shots Unique iPhone Skins Review 11-13-12 $34.00
iPhone 5/4S/4 Stick the Trunket Rosewood Skin onto your iPhone, and you'll be showing off a one-of-a-kind skin made of high-quality wood that's beautiful. read our full review