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Mountable iPhone Cases Reviews

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Mountable iPhone Cases Review

Why Buy a Mountable iPhone Case?

Because iPhones come with a navigation app, it's pretty common to use your iPhone in your car, and with a mountable iPhone case you can remain hands free and safe when you're navigating to your destination. Mount the case to your car, click your iPhone in and you're ready to go. You don't even have to take your phone out of the case.

Mountable iPhone cases simply include a mounting piece that remains in your car or anywhere else you want to mount it, and the case that your iPhone sports easily attaches to that piece by clicking right on.

Mounting your iPhone in your car is just the beginning. Many mountable iPhone cases can be mounted anywhere – the refrigerator, wall (just like a home phone), desk area, grocery shopping cart, bike, etc. There are so many possibilities and instances where a mountable iPhone is a perk.

Mountable iPhone Cases: What to Look For

The days of just holding your iPhone in your hand or setting it on the counter are over. Look for mountable iPhone cases that allow you options for mounting your iPhone in many different places. Consider the following three criteria when you evaluate mountable iPhone cases.

Performance of the mounting hardware is key when deciding on a mountable iPhone case. Mounting your iPhone should be simple and easy to accomplish without much effort. Although these iPhone cases are designed specifically for mounting, you'll want to make sure the case provides sufficient protection for your iPhone as well.

A mountable iPhone case shouldn't be too bulky or be made of heavy material. However, the case should be made of durable material that still provides sufficient protection. Functionality is also important, and the case should allow the iPhone to be entirely functional when it's mounted or just simply in the case.

A warranty to cover your mountable iPhone case is important. Generally, an iPhone case warranty will be limited and simply guard against manufacturer and factory defects for around one year. In addition, a warranty that also covers the mounting accessories or pieces is excellent.

A mountable iPhone case can come in handy in many situations, specifically in the car, and will help you to remain hands free. Mountable iPhone cases that allow you to clip right on to a mounting piece without removing the case from your device offer a lot of convenience in a small package.

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